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Adventure playgrounds like ours (and there aren't many sadly) are places where children and young people have the freedom to be themselves, express themselves, have fun and learn to manage risk for themselves. We believe – because we see evidence of it every day – that children are far more capable and competent than we know. So with time, space and support if needed, children are happiest and learn most by exploring and discovering in their own way. This means that often things happen here that might not happen at school, home or elsewhere – like using tools, jumping off platforms, cooking over the fire and so on. This does mean a few minor bumps and bruises sometimes, but despite the higher risks here , it is very rare to have a serious accident as given the chance children are more careful than we think! We use a government approved risk benefit assessment approach, which means we do assess the risks when children are playing, but we also weigh up the benefits of that playing, which almost all the time outweigh the risks which children become very adept at managing. Our staff are trained and qualified in playwork and will be stationed around the playground keeping an eye on things – so do feel free to talk to any of our senior staff if you have any queries about any of this.

MAPA accept no responsibility for any accidents, loses or damages occurred whilst using the Adventure Playground and you and your children play at your own risk.

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